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US companies invest trillions of euros in Europe, in everything from infrastructure to cutting-edge innovation, creating jobs and bolstering local economies. But that doesn’t paint the whole picture: American companies are also committed to going beyond the numbers to invest in people and communities.

Along with creating jobs, developing infrastructure and driving innovation, US companies also support social and educational programmes, environmental and health campaigns and skills and diversity initiatives. These investments and their social impact are tangible examples of the role US businesses play in Europe.

Invested in Europe tells their stories and illustrates their positive impact on communities across the continent. Many American companies have deep roots in Europe, some going back more than a century. They live here, raise their families here and invest in the people they interact with and the places they call home. Europe’s future is their future.

Amcham EU
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Invested in Europe: Our Stories was launched by the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) with the aim to shed light on the demonstrated commitment of American businesses to European citizens and communities.

Although most AmCham EU member companies are headquartered on the other side of the Atlantic, our member companies are almost entirely European – they live here, raise their families here, and are committed to its future.

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